Persuasive Essay - The Importance of Saving Money for Future

July 14, 2014





What is money? Why is that so important for everyone? Why do we need money in our life? Well, money is not just the combination of five English alphabets but it means a lot in everyone’s life. It is undeniable fact that we need money for our daily life, because without this money surely we are going to suffer and face a lot of financial problems in running our life since we are not financially secured. However, we can overcome all this problems with the help of one helping weapon which is by saving. Some may ask that, are we financially secured if we save money? Surely yes, because we may need that money which is our savings that can lend us a helping hand anytime for our present and future does not matter what are the necessities.


First of all, we need to save money for our future education because we know that there is no such thing as free lunch nowadays. Moreover, the educational fee for postgraduate students is extremely high, so how about in future? So, how are we going to continue our studies especially the post-graduates studies if we are not financially prepared?  So, it is clear here that it is really vital for us to save money, so that we would not face any problems when we want to continue our future studies. In additional, it is not only about fee, even we need money for other educational expenses like books because the price of a post graduates book is not dirt cheap but  it is really cost an arm and a leg. This issue is even more serious, because according to the recent research by the Department of Statistics Malaysia the number of students who discontinue or quit their studies in higher education levels due to financial problems increase about 20 percentages compared to previous years. This scenario shows that how essential is saving money for our education.


Additionally, it is normal for human beings to dream. Even, A.P.J Dr. Abdul Kalam the former Prime Minister of Republic of the India encourages the young generation to dream. Yet, we still need money to achieve those kinds of dreams in our life, because dreaming is easy but to achieve it, is very difficult. For example, most of us have a dream to buy a modern and elegant house in our future. Besides, we also desire to buy a luxury car. But, we know that we need to be strong enough and stable with our financial background for that. At the same time, most of the young people nowadays also wish to visit Western countries in their future, but it is impossible without money.  So for me it is a smart move to save money from now onwards to achieve all our dreams.


Next, our life is full of surprises, even we are not sure that what is going to happen in our future or even tomorrow. So, surely we need to be financially prepared to face those situations without any hesitations. For example, we may need money for medical treatments especially the good and quality ones. It is not only for medical treatments, How about if your car breaks down? How about if the plumbing leaks through your wall? How about if you lose your job? What can you do to solve those problems if you do not have any savings as it is not a good solution to use our salary for such thing since we have a lot of other commitments out there in our future. For example, the bills, instalments and monthly expenses So, that it is really important for us to save money so that we would not give up or panic when facing emergency situations in our future.


As a concluding, nowadays most of the young people could not even sleep peacefully in the night because of these financial problems.  So do we want the same thing happen to us in our future? Surely no, so  it is very important for us to save money for our future from today itself, because Rome was not built in a day and we know that  it is not about one or two days but it takes years of time for us to save a good amount that can really helps us in whatever situations. So, since a penny saved is a penny earned, we must save money for our future. Agree?





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July 12, 2014

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